Advanced Studies

Yoga itself as a practice and mindset are already quite transformative, to be exposed to those that have been so immersed in the practice that they emit it has been revolutionary. Brigitte and Martin of the AYK are so knowledgeable and passionate. The teacher training program was seamless and astounding. The revolving door of above highly qualified guest speakers and teachers that were so exemplary of excellence in their particular fields and their own obvious commitment to their own personal practices was such an unexpected pleasure. The curriculum and schedule of each day was so fluid and progressive. I feel beyond adequately prepared to share my practice in the form of teaching others and even more importantly more aptly equipped to share yoga by living my life outside of the physical practice. I would recommend this program to anyone that has the desire to teach, further their own practice, or to scratch that nagging itch of something being missing in life. I am so grateful to AYK and would enroll immediately if they offered a 500 hr program.
-M.S. 2015

I highly recommend the Aloha Yoga Kula Teacher’s Training/Advanced Studies Program to anyone who desires to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga and meditation.
What makes this program so incredibly special is the instructors and the space they hold for you to learn and grow—both physically and spiritually. Brigitte, Martin, and Heidi, as well as their extended community of guest teachers, are completely devoted to their practice and their students.
From the moment you begin the program, you feel their warmth and encouragement. At the same time, they will absolutely guide you to your edge—but always with loving support. The atmosphere they create allows you to work to your fullest potential and then put all of that wonderful learning into practice. By the end of the course, you will be ready to teach. You may feel nervous, but you’ll be ready.
The course is incredibly comprehensive. They break down each asana, as well as the manual adjustments. But then they beautifully weave in classes on yogic philosophy, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, ethics, the chakras, pranayama, business practices, and meditation. In addition, you will participate in classes on Yin Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Children’s Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga.
The training you get, the friends you make, the lessons you learn, the growth and transformation you experience are priceless. Make the time. Make the commitment. You will love it!
-S.G. 2015

As a physician (MD) and graduate of the 2015 Advanced Studies Yoga teacher training – I would like to encourage you to become a part of the yoga world — sign up for Aloha Kula Yoga teacher training and truly transform your life. My world has been transformed by the training. You will find each training session exceptional, with expert advise on nutrition, anatomical alignment, injury prevention, yoga asana sequences, spiritual growth and more. Now as a certified teacher, I feel confident, more self aware and I am able to give back to the world. My patients compliment me on my attentiveness and deep sense of connection — all a part of what Aloha Kula Yoga teacher training is all about! Open your world to love and become a trained yoga teacher with Aloha Kula Yoga.
-P.A., MD, MPH 2015

Yoga found me when I was broken. I felt a shadow of myself. I spent my days feeling alone, isolated and wondering how I got there. I was fortunate that my path led me to the open doors and open arms of the Kula and I devoted myself to learning and developing my practice. As my fog began to lift, I saw the invitation for the Teacher Training and spent a great deal of time envisioning myself going through the training but also allowing my ego to creep in and question if I was “ready.” With the love and kind support of several people close to me, I chose to follow my heart and dive in. And I really never looked back. I cannot sufficiently describe the full experience. I can tell you I have never felt so immersed in love, reflection and well being. I learned so very much but I mostly learned that my path had not just led me to the Kula but it had led me back to where I never really had left. I was profoundly changed by the time I invested in the training. I am and will be eternally grateful to Brigitte, Martin and Heidi and the extraordinary beings who gave of themselves during my training.

If you think you want to dive in, talk to someone about it. It’s okay to have questions or be curious or to even worry that you won’t be able to do it for some reason. The more you embrace yoga, the less fear and doubt will creep in. Just don’t talk yourself out of it.
-K.R. 2015

After attending once-a-week yoga classes at AYK for almost 8 months I had inquired about Teacher Training. Yoga had started to change my meditation practice, diet, and emotional state. My intent was not to teach yoga. I wanted to find out why I was being affected by this practice. The Teacher Training helped to deepen my appreciation of yoga and everything else in my life.

Teaching Training at Aloha Kula Yoga is blessed with teachers that speak to your physical, psychological, and emotional self. Even that desciption does not fully capture the impact they have had on my life. I learned about the philosophical background, the asanas, adjustments, physiology, anatomy, alignment, nutrition, different modes of movement. I found an emotional, spiritual, and physical connection in each.

The schedule of two, ten-day intensives helped to be immersed in the practice, and to be in the company of practioners working toward a common goal. We were blessed with a cadre of mixed ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. I feel so blessed with our continuing friendship after the training.

If you want to be a yoga teacher, or deepen your understanding of the practice, and become transformed, this is training program for you. I now appreciate the Japanese word “kokoro” which translates to heart, mind, spirit. They are not separate, but one. As are we.
-D.K. 2015

“You can only travel as far as your teacher has travelled.”

The defining attribute that sets Aloha Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training Program apart is the depth of experience the teachers who lead this training share.

Brigitte Snyder, Martin Doluz, and Heidi Hopkins, as well as a diverse range of guest teachers, have taken their understanding of yoga and the body to such depths that those who take the training will be prepared to transform into conscious, compassionate, and confident yoga practitioners and teachers.

As someone who had already completed a 200-hour level yoga teacher training program, I gained so much more understanding of individual yoga poses, putting together technical sequences, the art of hands on assists, how to teach authentically, and an understanding and practice of meditation. Each day of the training was uplifting and inspiring and altered the way I think about and live each moment of my life.

I recommend this training to current yoga teachers, students who may someday want to share yoga, and beginner yogis venturing into the vast ocean of yoga—in all its forms.
-M.C. 2015

The Aloha Yoga Kula teacher training program far surpassed my expectations in many ways. I had attended classes at the Kula for several years prior to the advanced studies program and always had a sense that an intensive study with the kula teachers would be extraordinary, but my experience ended up being much deeper and more profound than I could have imagined.
There is a deep well of love, expertise, and creativity that Brigitte, Martin, Heidi, and the guest teachers brought into the program each day. In addition to the focus on anatomy and asana alignment, the teachers shared valuable and fascinating sessions on nutrition, Ayurveda, pranayama, yogic energy systems, and so on. And most importantly, the training held space for meditation, through which one gets to know and experience the love and light that exists in us all.
-H.D. 2015

Attending Aloha Yoga Kula’s Advanced Studies Program changed my life. The wealth of knowledge and experience the teachers and guest speakers shared was incredible, and the energy from which they shared was even more profound. I am truly grateful for this experience and how it’s deepened my appreciation and love for yoga. -A.P.  2015

Attending Aloha Yoga Kula’s Yoga Teacher Training was life changing for me! I’m not kidding. I had been on a journey of self-discovery (and destruction) by myself for a long time and was trying to teach myself the mysteries of Yoga through books and videos and various classes. Needless to say, after 15 years I hadn’t gotten very far on my own. It wasn’t until I met Brigitte and was introduced to the Kula that everything finally started falling into place. I had just finished battling a 10 year drug addiction and was reconnecting with my love of Yoga as a way to heal and move forward. They say the teacher appears when the student is ready and I’m SO GRATEFUL that Brigitte, Martin and Heidi stepped forward in my life to be my teachers. The depth of their practice and knowledge of Yoga postures, anatomy, history and practicality is humbling and inspiring. You feel transported to another world, learning about yourself, and love, and what this thing we call Yoga is. I’ve begun an inner journey since this training that will continue throughout my life. I’ve learned to keep the Yoga in my heart. And by the time it came to step out on my own and teach, I felt ready. Nervous, oh yes, but ready. Because I’d shared something deeply personal and special with a group of people that I came to love and was confident and inspired to emulate that experience in my own class. Even if you never intend to teach a Yoga class ever, you will benefit from this advanced studies course! These are hands down some of the best teachers on the island and the best I’ve ever known personally. Thank you, thank you, thank you forever. I love you guys!! -B.S. 2013

If you are contemplating undertaking yoga teacher training, whether with the aspiration to teach or the intention to deepen your practice, I whole-heartedly and enthusiastically recommend the program at Aloha Kula Yoga. The school is run with professionalism, and the curriculum is comprehensive, in-depth, and balanced in providing students with knowledge and skills in anatomy, asana, and yogic philosophy. Additionally, a palate of high caliber guest teachers delightfully enrich the curriculum. Brigitte and Martin create a learning environment imbued with authenticity and acceptance while encouraging students to seek their own highest level of accomplishment and deepest fulfillment. Free of pretense, their guidance is nuanced to meet the needs of individual students. The container developed at the Kula creates nothing less than a holding for the evolution of the human being’s potential toward Awakening. -P.B. 2013

Making the choice to attend Aloha Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training/Advanced Studies course brought me home to myself in ways I hadn’t anticipated. From the very first moment of the beginning ten day intensive, it was apparent that we were going to be diving deep into the very heart of yoga, that of finding love within ourselves and others, living and breathing through meditation, pranayama and asana the true meaning of Namasté. The physical forms of yoga asana were presented thoroughly, with detailed guidance coupled with exquisite hands-on adjustments. Anatomy, physiology, and nutrition were all taught from a perspective of energy and flow by highly credentialed professionals who are also yoga practitioners and meditators themselves. Patanjali’s yoga sutra’s were an integral part of our daily practice, as was pranayama, meditation, and being encouraged to always come from the place of yoga within ourselves. We were given a solid foundation in physical asanas, beautifully repeated experiences with teaching practice, and all the proper tools with which to share our love of yoga with others, the most important of which is the practice of meditation. This was the most extraordinary training experience I’ve ever participated in, and I look forward to many years of deepening my yoga practice with Brigitte, Martin, and Heidi.-D.F 2014

The Aloha Yoga Kula Teacher’s Training is truly transformative. It was beyond any expectation I had. Each day was filled with care and detail from Brigitte, Martin and Heidi. Yoga was something I became attracted to because of the calm and peace it brought to my life. This training only enhanced my love for being in yoga and meditation, increased my understanding of alignment, and sense of awareness. -K.M. 2013

I knew the first day of my yoga teacher training that this was more than learning poses, alignment, and anatomy. This training was going to take yoga to a much deeper level for me. The environment is loving, non-judgmental, and educational. Martin and Brigitte were not the only teachers, we had so many wonderful guest teachers. It was a wonderful mix.

Martin and Brigitte are so well mastered in the ins-and-outs of yoga, I gained so much knowledge through them.

The training at the Kula deepened my passion and love for yoga, it deepened my love and passion for myself, and it deepened my love and passion for others. It was a beautiful and transformative experience that I didn’t want to end. There was so much detail, thought and love put into the training and it showed. I felt that I got more information and one-on-one material and experiences through this training than I could have imagined.

You don’t have to be perfect at yoga to do the training. You don’t have to know everything about yoga, you just have to have a love for yoga and the rest will come through the training.

I still go to classes at the Kula to reconnect to the space. I have deep relationships with the other students who were in the training with me. It really is the best training that I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for Martin, Brigitte, and everyone else who participated in the Aloha Yoga Kula training. I started my training to learn more about yoga not to teach, but I have found myself teaching yoga because I love sharing what I learned. Teaching brings balance and peace to my life.   -J.C. 2013


I walked into Aloha Yoga Kula’s teacher training expecting to learn how to teach a yoga class and hopefully deepen my own physical practice and understanding of the body. What I received was infinitely greater – a spacious mind, full heart and open spirit. Through shared wisdom readings, reflective group meditations and beautiful spiritual guidance, my yoga practice and personal self awareness deepened well beyond the physical. I now feel confident that I can teach a mindful and beautiful vinyasa flow class that challenges the physical body, engages the mind, and opens the heart to help each student discover that “they are all the love that they are looking for.” Brigitte and Martin complement each other in a beautiful way – covering yoga philosophies, asana poses and adjustments, anatomy, sequencing and flow. They encourage each teacher trainee to find their voice and the love within to share with others. I have made friends for life and am grateful to be a part of the beautiful Kula family. -L.M 2013


I am so happy I chose AYK TT!  The 10 day intensive is a perfect start to the program which immersed me in yoga. The following weekend workshops were a lovely way of keeping the yoga energy connected.  Martin and Brigitte are two of the most knowledgeable yogis and taught me so many basics as well as nuances of yoga.  Martin’s vast knowledge of anatomy helped break down the fundamentals of key yoga postures.  Brigitte always reminded us to connect with ourselves and “be in yoga” especially while teaching others.  It was a wonderful experience and set a beautiful yoga foundation for me that will blossom through the rest of my life.  -B.M. 2013


Aloha Yoga Kula’s Yoga TT is: Transformational. Healing. Life affirming. Comprehensive and thorough. Community building. Soul awakening.  -Truly beyond words, but these are the closest to expressing what I feel…  -C.N. 2013


Life-changing, connect to your source, learn to teach from a place of love. My experiences at the Aloha Yoga Kula Teacher Training set me on a path of rediscovering life from a perspective of self-knowledge and love. It truly gave me the ability to share the gift of yoga in it’s truest sense. My practice has grown leaps and bounds in a physical sense as well as a spiritual sense. Learning techniques of meditation within yoga has brought me so much deeper into my practice and myself than I could have ever imagined. Not to mention the alignment and technique principles which left no rock unturned. What I learned has led me to an organic understanding; a confidence in leading others, and myself, into the fullest, most beneficial expression of asana. Thank you so much Brigitte, Martin and Heidi!  -K.L. 2013