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Brigitte Snyder

brigitte-snyderBrigitte Snyder’s (E-RYT-500hrs) love of yoga began in 1990 after the blissful experience of her first savasana in a class taught by Brian Kest.   Living in Los Angeles at the time, she was introduced to meditation in 1992 through the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda and studied yoga with one of his devotees daily for over two years.  This time took her deep into the subtle vibrations of the asanas and transformed her physical body.  Over the years she has sought out a diverse range of training, studying with master teachers including Manouso Manos, Shiva Rea, Eric Shiffmann, Mary Dunn and Ramanan Patel.  In 1999, she met Rodney Yee who ignited her passion in a new way for the nuances and poetry of the body.  She continues training with Rodney and assists him in his nationwide conferences.  In 2005, Brigitte had the privilege of studying with B.K.S. Iyengar in Estes Park, Colorado and was blown away by the masterful teachings of this great yogi.  She has received over 500 hours of Iyengar training and has a deep respect for this lineage.  She has completed two Anusara Immersion programs and also enjoys the gifts of this tradition.

Brigitte’s classes are a joyful journey, sharing the fluidness and creativity of vinyasa with the precision and alignment awakened by Iyengar.  As a student coming to class you can truly feel her attention to you as an individual, offering manual adjustments that deepen the understanding of the poses and nurturing guidance that takes you into the infinite energies of the breath and body.  Since 2002, Brigitte has shared her in-depth understanding and strong technique based awareness in workshops and teacher’s training programs, bringing students to new levels in their practice. She is the director of Aloha Yoga Kula’s Teacher’s Training/Advanced Studies Program.


 Martin Doluz

martin-doluzMartin Doluz (E-RYT-500hrs) began his journey into yoga in 2001 during an internship in India.  The beauty and wisdom of the Indian culture captured his heart.  He recognized yoga in everything and everyone and was inspired to deepen his practice. Upon returning home, Martin began a mentorship with Linda Sparrow, the editor of Yoga Journal.  In 2003 he participated in a 6 month intensive, 200 hour teacher’s training with Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga.  Living in San Francisco, he had the opportunity to study with Senior Yoga Teacher’s David Lawry, Elizabeth Rosser, Doug McGee, Jason Crandell and Rusty Wells.  He also was able to attend Pilates classes with Elizabeth Larkham who greatly influenced his knowledge of functional anatomy.  Martin moved his practice to Hawaii in 2005 where he was blessed with the friendship of Aiyana Greeley.   He continues to study in studios throughout Oahu and recently trained with master yoga teacher’s Rodney Yee and Doug Swenson.

Martin’s love of music can be felt in the rhythmic flow and creative sequencing of his classes.  He is a gifted and intuitive adjuster and seasoned in helping students of all levels expand their practice.  His sense of timing draws students into the depth of yoga and his choice of music is always a fun surprise.  Martin is a lead instructor in the Aloha Yoga Kula Teacher’s Training Program.


Heidi Hopkins

heidi-hopkinsHeidi Hopkins’ (E-RYT-500hrs) passion for yoga began in 1997.  With a background in weight training, she found her way into a vinyasa yoga class and was amazed at the incredible ease, fluidness and peace she experienced.  “I want to live in this!,” was her thought.  A dedicated yoga practice led her to complete a 200 hour teacher’s training program with Living Yoga in 2001, and she began instructing that same year.  Heidi deepened her understanding of yoga by participating in an advanced studies intensive and mentoring with a group of senior yoga teachers in Texas from 2002 to 2004.  She has studied with Master yogis including Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea and Ramanan Patel.   Heidi is a lead teacher for Aloha Yoga Kula’s Advanced Studies/Teacher’s Training Program and teaches classes of all levels throughout Oahu.

Heidi’s genuine exuberant spirit permeates her classes creating a supportive and peaceful environment.  Her unique teaching style and skilled adjustments allow students to explore their edge while staying centered in the breath.


Tataya Radtke

Tataya Radtke’s (E-RYT-500hrs) encounter with yoga started with a longing to open up from a deeper place. Although she was a practicing attorney in Venezuela, she felt something fundamental was missing in her life. When she began her practice in Iyengar style yoga, she immediately found herself at home in her body and mind. Leaving everything behind, she traveled to India and received her first certification in Bangalore through the foundation of Pathanjala Yoga Kendra in the Ashtanga tradition in 2002. She traveled throughout Europe deepening her experience and teaching along the way.

In 2005 Tataya moved to Colorado and apprenticed with Anthony Bogart in Anusara style completing Yoga Teacher Training and therapy training. She moved to Lincoln, NE in 2007 and with her husband Thomas opened Yoga Body & Balance studio. She received her Inner Power Yoga certification through Yoga World Reach and along with Thomas, began leading Inner power Yoga Teacher Training and working nationally with r.r. Shakti. They became the parents of three beautiful children. After eight years — in “her longing for her greatest self,” as Hafiz shares, she and her husband and children recently relocated to Oahu to pursue a dream that is still being birthed. Her passion to know herself and to be in deep relationship with others continues to shape the way she shares yoga and its different applications. She also leads Circling as the yoga of relating, bringing the fruits of yoga off the mat and into daily life.


Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer Reuter (E-RYT 500hrs) fell in love with the yoga tradition in 1998 after receiving her first copy of the “Bhagavad Gita”.  She has studied extensively with many different teachers because she believes that there is no “one” way or style but only the way that feels right in your body, mind, and heart. Her main influences include: Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, Tias Little, Anusara & Pilates systems. You will find that her classes are “interdisciplinary” inviting both ancient and modern; they are intelligent, innovative and always incorporate the deeper aspects of yogic philosophy, mantra, breath and meditation.

Jennifer is also long-time meditator and since 2008 has been formally enrolled with Blue-Throat Yoga (a school dedicated to the study of meditation, yoga, and tantra). These in-depth studies have highlighted the subtle and nuanced understandings of the theory and practice of meditation. She is dedicated to her personal meditative practice where she feels she can access greater wisdom, love, and presence.


Alia Kaneshiro

Alia Kaneshiro (RYT 200) started her yoga path through meditation, as her childhood contained a strong Zen Buddhist influence. Her physical asana practice started pre-teen and has stayed with her for the last decade, helping her through times of insecurity, anxiety, and depression. She has found a great love for the beauty that comes through each person’s individual journey, both on and off the mat. Through self-study, life experiences, and the wide variety of teachers throughout her life, she has found yoga (the physical practice, as well as the philosophical side) to enhance not only her physical sense of well being, but also mental clarity and a greater sense of love and compassion for all life. She continues to find more balance in her heart, mind, and body, and shares this love through her alignment based classes, intuitive hands-on adjustments, and deep care for each individual who comes into her class.


Brianna Hennigan

Brianna Hennigan’s (RYT-200hrs) love for yoga began while regular attending the Kula’s prenatal yoga classes. She was moved by how yoga could be found in all parts of life. Awareness of the breath, relearning to breathe and teaching our unborn children to breathe through our breath was profound for Brianna. She found herself wanting to learn and practice the deeper experiences of yoga. The Kula’s Teacher Training was only the beginning; layers shed, ideas fell away and meditation began. Learning to live within the deeper qualities of yoga is an awakening.

Brianna is a birth and postpartum Doula and is working towards her second bachelor’s degree. Brianna is a nursing student, so the anatomy and physiology of the body, especially the pregnant body is something she feels enthusiastic about. Brianna’s aim is to support, vitalize and inspire all of her students to go deeper and integrate the timeless yoga asanas and philosophies into our daily lives.


Daien Forrest

Daien Forrest (RYT-200hrs) has been practicing yoga on and off for decades, beginning in her early twenties. After many years of martial arts, she ordained as a zen priest and began an intense practice of meditation and bodywork at a monastery in Kalihi Valley, which lasted for almost 10 years. After completing her training, she left the dojo in 2002 and wandered back into the world, now knowing that what she was truly seeking wasn’t found within walls or discipline. In January 2012, she divested herself of all belongings and went on a pilgrimage to Europe. Sharing yoga and meditation with friends and others was an integral part of her travels, and whilst living in the woods of Finland she was asked to teach a weekly yoga class. This eventually led to a return to Oahu to participate in Aloha Yoga Kula’s annual teacher training, which further resulted in finding exactly what she’d always been seeking, in precisely the place that she’d left. Forgoing a return to Finland, she now lives, practices, and teaches in Kailua. Sharing the depth and grace of the Beloved is core to each class, along with attention to breath, alignment, and being fully present in each moment.

Daniel Bailey

daniel-baileyDaniel Bailey (RYT-200hrs) began practicing yoga in 2002 with Tataya Ratke of Yoga Body and Balance, where he discovered the connection between breath, body and mind. In 2010 he began his studies with Brigitte Snyder, finding a deeper practice focused more on alignment and meditation. In 2012 he attended the Aloha Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training/Advanced Studies Program, obtaining a wider perspective of the practice and the tools to help teach the mindfulness that yoga brings.

Some of his experience includes: Vinyasa yoga with Brigitte Snyder at Aloha Yoga Kula, Mysore Ashtanga yoga with Cathy Louise Broda at Purple Yoga,  Zazen Meditation at the Chozen-ji Dojo and Taichi with Bruno Ballestrero at the SanBao Center.

Daniel’s classes focus on the breath, the doorway to creating space and silence in the mind so that meditation can happen. “In the pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of yoga, every day something is dropped.”

Don Thompson

Don Thompson (RYT-200hrs) discovered yoga in 2009 at the Aloha Yoga Kula in Kailua, Hawaii. After 40 years in agriculture and food science, Don found yoga a life transforming moment.  Don attended the Aloha Yoga Kula Teacher Training Program taught by Brigitte Snyder and Martin Doluz and received his 200 hour teacher certification in 2012. Don considers his additional Iyengar style training key to his teaching methods.  He has been teaching yoga and refining his personal practice daily, by moving inward and experiencing the deeper transformative and healing aspects yoga has to offer.  As a person who caught yoga long after his body had become stiff and inflexible, Don is very attentive to the process of restoring energy and flexibility to the body, mind and spirit; all with a joyous sense of humor.


Gin Carter

Gin believes that through yoga, we can work towards having a healthy life filled with love and joy. In helping people be healthy and happy, she believes we can bring health to the whole planet. Gin has practiced flow yoga, formally for 5 years. Before that, she trained in gymnastics for 14 years. Gin received her Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 hour certification from Wisdom Flow Yoga on Maui in April of 2011. She also holds a certificate in Yoga Education for the Autism Spectrum. In addition to her regular group classes, she also offers one-on-one sessions for children with special needs. She also teaches therapeutic horseback riding through PATH and Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii. Having taught horseback riding lessons for almost 20 years and coached gymnastics for 8, Gin truly enjoys teaching in all forms. She believes in being kind to our bodies while exploring our limits and loves incorporating relatable themes and logical sequencing so that each class is a full, unique experience.


Keyiah Merritt

brigitte-snyderKeyiah Merritt’s (RYT-200) love of yoga began in 2010 when she was invited to a Bikram Yoga class in the Bay Area. Lying in Savasana, a monumental wave of silence washed over her. There was a permission to be still and just be. Having been active in sports her entire life and served 10 years in the military, she felt sensations of freedom in the body, subtle energies circulating that were unlike anything she had experienced. From that moment on, she attended classes regularly and found healing in her body from old sport’s injuries. When she moved to Oahu in 2012, she explored and deepened her practice in other classes such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga. She enjoyed the creativeness of yoga and the self-expression that came through on the mat. Her journey with this art flourished and the joy she found in her own practice lead her to take the Teacher’s Training with the Aloha Yoga Kula in 2013, under Brigitte Snyder and Martin Doluz. She is blessed to serve, currently, as Brigitte Snyder’s teaching assistant offering guided adjustments. Working with different bodies has enriched her understanding of the body system that is always changing. Her down-to-earth nature offers a space of stillness, bringing awareness to the breath, while guiding students through a meditative practice. She loves sharing what yoga has to offer to all beings and hopes others will find a space to share smiles, laughter, and their own expression of yoga in a safe way.


Kim Lucas

Kim Lucas (RYT-200hrs) first fell in love with yoga at the age of sixteen, immediately intrigued by the introduction to the world within. She began her teaching experience while attending UC Berkeley where she worked alongside Saraswathi of Yogalayam assisting disabled and elderly yogis in restorative yoga classes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, her own practice began in the Ashtanga vein where she quickly realized the value of bringing subtle alignment awareness to a very active practice.

After practicing in the bay area for years in many styles and under many teachers, notably Baxter Bell and Rusty Wells, she discovered the Aloha Yoga Kula while visiting her sister in Oahu. She fell in love the studio and with the presence of love and meditation at the school. She moved to Oahu shortly thereafter to study under Brigitte Snyder and completed her 200hr teacher training certification there in 2013.

Under the guidance of Brigitte Snyder and Martin Doluz her love and understanding of yoga has blossomed. Her understanding of alignment, proper adjustments and sequencing show through in classes that help her students find their fullest expressions of the asanas. She is fascinated by the balance of yin (passivity) and yang (activity) in yoga and strives to bring this balance, along with a continuous awareness of alignment, to her classes. Her adjustments are provided by conscious hands that help students feel the intricate and subtle forces within each pose. Throughout any class Kim ties in the theme of moving within and finding the still center, incorporating poetry and music. To Kim, yoga is a dance with ones’ true inner nature, a meeting that brings with it the fullest joy and is something to be shared with all.

Kristine Wallerius Chung

“The most challenging yoga is off the mat, beyond asana, in each moment that we respond from our inner self to the outer world”
Kristine Wallerius Chng (RYT-200hrs) began the yoga journey in earnest 10 years ago following a knee injury. Running came to an end and yoga and surfing opened new doors into spirit and heart. She completed her teacher training (RYT-200) in 2014 with Aloha Yoga Kula, guided by Brigitte Snyder, Heidi Hopkins and Martin Doluz. In 2016 she attended the Go Deeper Yoga + Goals Retreat on the Big Island with Laura Mary Linsley, Lululemon Ambasssador. This retreat further connected the bliss she finds in nature with the self-spirit knowledge found in meditation and sangha.

Kristine has also studied with Eoin Finn of Blissology, most recently attending the ‘Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life’ training with Eoin at Hot Yoga by the Sea in December 2017. She has worked for years with private clients, often on the beach or in the many green spaces we are so blessed to be inspired by on Oahu. In 2017 she additionally underwent training with Francesca Cervero (NYC, Washington DC) via her 8-week course The Science of the Private Lesson.

It is with great joy and humility that she shares what was so freely given her by many yogi’s along the path to a life transformed. Her intention in guiding Vinyasa style classes is to help each student to discover what yoga will transform in them.


Ligaya Stice

Ligaya’s (RYT-200hrs) first introduction to yoga was on a weekend retreat to the Kripalu Center while she was living in NYC. It was a much needed reset during a hectic time. Over the next several years, she dabbled in the occasional drop-in or video class until she found her yoga home at Aloha Yoga Kula. The contrast between what she had been doing and experiencing, and what the Kula had to offer was dramatic and refreshing. In an effort to deepen her practice, she completed her 200-hour teacher training through the Aloha Yoga Kula Advanced Studies Program in 2012.

Born and raised in Kaneohe, Ligaya left the islands after graduating from UH Manoa. She graduated from Boston University School of Medicine and completed her residency training in Anesthesiology at Cornell Medical Center. She received additional specialty training in Pediatric Anesthesiology at Denver Children’s Hospital prior to returning home. She is now based at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

Ligaya came to yoga after years of movement training in gymnastics, ballet and jazz dance. Yoga has changed the way she moves through life, and is she grateful for every opportunity she has to share this with others.


Melanie Lee

melanie-leeMelanie first found yoga in the year 2000 while she was pregnant with her daughter. The life-changing experience of giving birth naturally made her realize what a wonderful and powerful tool the breath is.

This realization led her to delve more deeply into yoga and meditation, and to begin to bring the lessons she had learned on the mat into her daily life.

Inspired by the deep peace and tranquil space yoga had created in her own life, Melanie went on to become a certified yoga teacher through Aloha Kula’s Advanced Studies/Teacher Training Program.

Her intention is to share with her students a challenging, yet safe practice that allows them to use the breath to explore not only the nuances in the body, but also to explore Yoga– the yoking of the mind, body and spirit.


Michael Luan

Dr. Michael Luan, D.C. is a Body Communications Coach, Consultant and Speaker.

Dr. Michael’s teaching is a unique blend of identifying body patterns, integrating the neurology, understanding motivation and various innovative solutions. He teaches his clients simple methods to improve their health, posture, biomechanics, movements and body shape. His focus is on individuals or groups undergoing change and/or transition. Form follows energy.

Dr. Michael’s speaking, consulting, and coaching links everyday body use to tangible returns in business, relationships, interactions and health.The better you know yourself, the more that life can give to you.

Dr. Michael is a Doctor of Chiropractic, holds a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from USC. He has studied various forms of martial arts for sixteen years and holds a black belt in Ashihara Karate. His other qualifications include: master sports training, peak performance, body rolling, mind/body modes, rehabilitation, body patterning, yoga and teacher training.

Dr. Michael is a consultant for numerous organizations and corporation across the country, formerly a speaker at UC Santa Barbara for 11 years, an advisor for various learning programs and formerly the Wellness Director at the Music Academy for the past 6 years, currently involved with teaching Pilates and Gyrotonics instructors in Oahu and consultant to Santa Barbara Fitness Ranch program development.


Monique Bryan

Coming Soon!


Rebecca Kelso

Rebecca Kelso (E-RYT 200hrs) has always been fascinated with bodies. Rebecca believes that everybody has the potential to unlock fitness, health, and confidence in life and movement.

With over 6 years of experience teaching yoga and personal coaching, Rebecca’s coaching style is challenging, transformative, and rewarding. She attended Reed College in Oregon and University of Hawaii, where she studied art, creative writing, and received her BA in psychology. In addition to yoga, Rebecca currently enjoys dancing and painting.

Rebecca works with her mentor Dr. Michael Luan, developing and sharing the Biofunctinal Method™. Her background in yoga and dance diversifies her approach to healing and fitness, while her inner artist makes each session creative and fun. In addition to one-on-one coaching and group classes, Rebecca is currently involved with yoga teacher training programs for Open Space Yoga and Aloha Yoga Kula in Oahu. Rebecca and Dr. Michael also host workshops and lectures. Rebecca’s innovative approach to fitness makes her coaching accessible and effective for anyone looking to find a transformational connection to their body.


Sarah Connelly

brigitte-snyderSarah Lambert Connelly (E-RYT-200), found yoga in 2006 as an opera singer who wanted to tone her body. Along her journey, she has come to understand yoga as so much more than just physical; she practices as a form of devotion, healing and self-study. Certified in 2009 in the YogaWorks method her teaching style is influenced largely by the meditative flow and heat of Vinyasa yoga and the alignment, intelligence and awareness of the Iyengar tradition. Her classes encourage an environment of playful exploration coupled with compassionate inquiry. She cherishes the opportunity to introduce budding yogis to this life-changing practice, and to guide them to delve deeper into all facets of practice with awareness and gratitude. Off the mat, she enjoys singing with the Honolulu Opera Theatre, teaching piano and voice lessons, cooking, painting, sailing, SUP-ing, hiking with her dogs, and exploring these beautiful islands with her husband Navy CAPT. Pat “Pellet” Connelly.


Sarah Slater


Sarah Slater fell in love with hatha yoga and meditation in 2007, during a time of powerful transformation in her life. She now teaches a teen vinyasa yoga class at the Kula to empower adolescent girls to develop healthier self-images, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Sarah has over eight years of experience working with teenagers through outdoor education, and group and individual counseling. She is currently a socio-emotional counselor and teacher in the Academy at Punahou School. Sarah earned her Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science from UNC-Chapel Hill in ‘03, her Masters in Social Work from UH-Manoa in ‘07, and her 200-Hour certification at Aloha Yoga Kula in ‘12. Sarah aims to deepen her yoga education through continued self-study and trainings with visiting yoga masters. She is passionate about assisting adolescents and adults in the discovery of their inner wisdom, strength, and resilience through yoga and meditation.


Sari Andersen Bouret

sari-bouretSari Andersen Bouret (E-RYT 500 hours) has been a certified yoga teacher for more than 20 years.  A compassionate, inspiring, and highly-skilled yoga teacher, she is dedicated to empowering her students in cultivating a safe and rejuvenating practice. She encourages students to find an internal mirror, rather than looking outside for a clear reflection.   A lover of music, dance, poetry and art, Sari infuses her teaching with creative energy and a playfulness to explore.

Sari began her intensive study of yoga at the age seventeen with Rod Stryker in whose class she first discovered the inner clarity and harmony that arises when the mind, body and soul are united through the breath.   “I discovered this abundant, bliss-filled space that exists effortlessly and naturally when the ripples of the mind become quiet.  This awareness began my lifelong love affair with Yoga and meditation.”

Sari completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Works in 1992 with mentors Erich Schiffman and Rod Stryker, and immediately began teaching. She soon became an established teacher at Yoga Works, host to many world renowned teachers.  She continued to dive full heartedly into her own practice, studying in depth with many great teachers including Chuck Miller, Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, Paul Grilley, Pauli Zink, Gary Kraftow, Ramanand Patel, Gabriella Giubilaro, Aadil Palkhivala  & Lisa Walford.   She taught alongside and practiced with other budding teachers, such as Shiva Rae, Sarah Power’s, Max Strom, Sean Corn, Saul David Raye & Bryan Kest.   She was also part of a small group of yogis who worked closely with Paul Grilley as Yin Yoga evolved.  Her practice included the study of anatomy, asana, meridian theory, meditation, chakras, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and chanting the Bija Mantras.   Paul introduced her to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda which further deepened her lifelong devotion to meditation.

Sari has followed the roots of Hatha yoga back to Krishnamacharya, “the father of modern yoga,” whose principal teaching was to “teach what is appropriate for the individual.” She began working in depth with Gary Kraftow, creator of Viniyoga and a student of Krishnamacharya’s, and Krishnamacharya’s son, T.K.V. Desikachar.  In 2004, she completed a 500-Hour American Viniyoga Institute training & became E-RYT certified.  She now applies the principals of Viniyoga to her teaching, adapting a practice to meet the individual or groups’ needs, as opposed to trying to fit a student’s body to a preconceived form.  This approach is very aligned with Yin Yoga, though the forms are very different.  As her teacher Paul would often share, “What is medicine for one person, may be poison for another.  And what is medicine one day may not be medicine the next”.

Sari introduced elements of Yin Yoga practice, theory & philosophy as a lead teacher in Aloha Yoga Kula’s Advanced Studies/Teacher’s Training program.  She teaches privately and offers Yin Yoga workshops at Aloha Yoga Kula in Kailua, Hawaii.


Skya Boudousquie

Skya discovered yoga about 12 years ago when he realized his bad back and tight muscles might have something to do with his terminal diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. Even though he was terrible at it, he was instantly hooked by the new feelings of expansion that he experienced. Yoga gave him the awareness to be able to see the many ways he was living out of balance within himself. Responding to this new awareness, and moving one step at a time towards ease allowed him to heal his “incurable” autoimmune disease. He’s been on an ever deepening journey of boundless health ever since. Skya passionately shares all about this process alongside Dr. Traci Potterf at He has studied many different forms of yoga, and loves them all! He most enjoys the inner state of yoga, a feeling of connection and alignment, and how it can be experienced through any form of movement, or even when sitting still. He loves yoga in the form of dancing, hiking, swimming, cooking, playing outside and strength training. He loves making people smile and teaching people how to heal themselves through the path of joy and pleasure.

In the advanced studies teacher training, Skya helps yoga teachers understand the physiology of yoga and meditation, and how they bring balance and vitality to the body and mind. He has helped people heal themselves through food and wellness coaching, therapeutic yoga, fitness training and personal chef services for almost a decade. He loves to inspire people to breathe, let loose and dance more. He looks forward to working with you on the mat, at one of his dance fitness classes in the park or in a personalized mind-body fitness session.

Soraya Faris

Soraya Faris’s love for Yoga has taken her on many journeys over the last 30 years, beginning in England with a Hatha Yoga class at her local gym. Over the last 15 years Soraya has taught many different kinds of yoga to many different kinds of people.
She has taught classes, workshops & retreats around the world, including England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China and the USA.
Soraya started practicing Hatha Yoga in her 20’s and then, in search of more structure and precise alignment, became a fan of Iyengar Yoga.

In 2005, while living in the Middle East, where there were very few yoga teachers, Soraya spent the Summer in a Sivananda Ashram and took her first teacher training. She loved the spiritual aspect highlighted in the Sivananda tradition, as well as the chanting/kirtans and taught yoga classes for the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia for 3 years.

Soraya moved to Japan in 2009 and for the next 3 years taught Yoga classes on a Marine Corps Base for the Military, their families and the Japanese community. While in Japan Soraya also studied Yin Yoga with Paul Grilly.

In 2010 Soraya visited the Big Island of Hawaii to study Kundalini Yoga with Kundalini Rising Yoga School. This experience inspired her move to Hawaii the following year. She brought her symphonic gong and began teaching New Moon and Full Moon classes in her home in Kaneohe and teaching Kundalini Gong Bliss classes at Open Space Yoga. Soraya has a passion for sound healing and is co-founder of Hawaii Healing Sound School which has inspired an ever expanding community of sound healers and kundalini yogis here on the islands.

Soraya’s classes are an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practice, incorporating dynamic breathing, beautiful spinal movements to balance the chakras and mantras with meditation to heighten consciousness and the powers of manifestation. She plays the Symphonic Gong and crystal bowls in her classes. The pure sound frequencies of the gong at the end of each yoga class, carry healing vibrations that balance your body, mind and soul for greater health, vitality & bliss.
As a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist with a clinic in Kaneohe – Soulistic Holistics Hawaii, Soraya incorporates the healing of yoga into her clinical practice and the healing of oriental medicine into her yoga practice.

Soraya is on a mission to spread more joy and love! She believes the true purpose of yoga is to inspire more joy & love within oneself and then be inspired to spread more joy and love to our families, communities and the world. Soraya has a facebook group called ‘Kundalini, Gong, Bliss’ where you can find further information and class/event schedules.


Thomas Radtke

Thomas Radtke (ERYT-200hrs) has been teaching for 15 years and began his training at the Shambava School of Yoga at the Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado. Since then he has studied Ashtanga, Viniyoga,Anusara and is currently a senior Inner Power Yoga Teacher. His teachings are gleaned from Tias Little, John Friend, Theresa Murphy, Anthony Bogart, Richard Freeman, Rod Stryker, and RR Shakti just to start. He and his wife owned a yoga studio in Nebraska for 8 years teaching yoga and teacher trainings. In addition, as a seasoned body worker he draws upon a wide background of modalities to help bring people back to center. He is licensed and has a degree in massage, deep tissue, trigger point and therapeutic techniques. He is a Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, master level Reiki Practitioner as well as trained in EFT (tapping), OmniLateral Physiotherapy and Quantum Touch. Thomas believes the body is a great access point to true living in our potential, therefore he is a Health and Wellness Coach and coaches the game of a thriving lifestyle. He draws upon a health back ground in Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene, Raw food & Whole food protocols, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Fasting techniques. His certificates are from the 21st Century Institute, Ann Wigmore Institute PR, Classical Homeopathy, and Ekaya Institute, as well as others. Currently he is working on his ACC/ICF coaching certification while he integrates experience and methodology from Maxwell Leadership Trainings, Non-Violent Communication, Circling and mediation.

On a foundational level he believes we are designed to live outrageously thriving lives. For 18 years he has helped provide the tools for people to move in this direction. He looks forward to working with you on the mat, on the table, or on a call.


Traci Potterf

Traci Potterf, Ph.D., (RYT – 200hrs) has practiced yoga for over 12 years. Yoga forms an integral part of her wellness counseling business. In 2006 she received her Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from U.C. Berkeley where she participated in the joint program with U.C. San Francisco Medical School. Traci has spent over a decade researching the healing benefits of culturally diverse food and medical traditions as well as yoga and meditation. Her passion for yoga as both a powerful healing tool and a way of life is very personal to her. Through a daily yoga and meditation practice, as well as dietary changes and a range of holistic therapies, Traci lost fifty pounds and was able to reverse chronic pain, IBS, and anxiety, among other health concerns. She has since co-founded Ola Loa Wellness, offering yoga, wellness counseling and personal chef services to help others successfully recover from a wide array of conditions. Her unique and extensive knowledge of whole body wellness led her to participate in the Aloha Yoga Kula’s 2008 Teachers Training Program.

Traci is a Yoga Ed certified kid yoga teacher, whose Kid and Family classes provide a delightful, playful, and imaginative setting that allows children and accompanying adults to spend quality wellness time together. These multilevel yoga classes help open and strengthen the body, cultivate balance, and soothe the nervous system, provoking feelings of calm and joy for the young and the young at heart. Traci is deeply touched by the beauty of teaching yoga to children and their family members.