Class Descriptions

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Gentle Yoga

This is our slowest paced class (not including Senior Stretch and Very Gentle Yoga). This class is appropriate for new students as well as more advanced students who want gentler movement. It includes basic seated and standing postures with simple transitions up and down off the floor. Technique and hands-on adjustment are offered. Variations on postures accommodate those with limitations or recovering from injuries. This class is a great way get to know your body. It will awaken areas that feel weak or restricted and unwind chronic tension. Gentle attention on breathing allows you to access a sense of peace and calm.



Yoga Basics

This is our second level class. This class is appropriate for beginning to advanced students who want to focus more on movement, technique and alignment. A wide yet balanced selection of postures allows you to explore new movements and provides the option to challenge your limits. Coordinating movement with breath strengthens the body and releases areas that feel tight or bound. The themes and alignment presented allow you to leave each class with a new awareness that you can use on and off the mat.



Vinyasa Yoga

This is our 3rd level class. This class is appropriate for physically fit beginners as well as intermediate to advanced students. Vinyasa includes faster-paced flowing movement and creative sequencing. Principles of alignment build strength and develop an understanding of technique. Attention to the breath and hands-on adjustments help guide you deeper into challenging postures while encouraging a gentle release.



Hatha Align Flow (All Levels)

Hatha Align Flow teaches the classic yoga postures through a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise actions in the body. Clear instruction is given in breathing technique, warm-up and posture flow. New students will develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength in basic poses, while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures. Everyone works to his or her own ability and comfort level. Relaxation Techniques to follow.



Senior Stretch

The Senior Stretch Yoga Class provides a yoga experience for seniors with balance and flexibility limitations. The 1 hour class brings the gentle yoga experience to those that desire modifications for their yoga routine, by providing a chair as the support and stage for all of the classic yoga poses. Each yoga pose is specifically modified to allow body extension from either a sitting or standing position. This class uses a chair as a platform to launch each yoga movement, allowing seniors the ease needed to succeed in their daily yoga without having to get down on the floor or balance without support. This class is a gateway to those wishing to become more flexible before trying Gentle Yoga.



Restorative Yoga

This restorative yoga class calms the nervous system and brings deep healing to the body. When we experience stress, the systems of our body shut down. By promoting a profound state of relaxation our organs, glands and nervous system are restored to their natural balance. The nurturing atmosphere melts tension and anxiety, leaving you completely revitalized. Note: Bring socks and clothing to keep the body warm.



Yin Yoga

The practice of Yin Yoga focuses on stimulating the energy channels in the body that reside throughout the deep connective tissue. It is known to rehabilitate the joints and increase mobility, bathing our body with vital energy and leaving us enlivened and relaxed. Much of a Yin practice is done close to the floor, staying in postures for extended periods of time. It has to do with creating stillness in the body and mind and relaxing the muscles. This quieting of our mind allows us to connect to the rich currents within ourselves and to tap into a greater source of energy that is all around & inside us.


Some of the benefits of Yin yoga are:


    • To calm and balance the mind & body
    • Increased mobility in the body, especially the joints & hips
    • Deep relaxation & lowering of stress levels
    • Increased lubrication & protection of joints
    • More flexibility in joints & connective tissue
    • Release of fascia throughout the body
    • A better ability to cope with anxiety & stress
    • Help create a condusive state for meditation




Yinyasa Yoga

The mindful flow of YinYasa integrates Yang (active yoga) with Yin (passive yoga).

The more rhythm and repetition, the more movement and sweat, the more Yang. Yin, on the other hand, involves slow deep, relaxed stretches adapted for each individual’s body and level of experience. It is an unwinding practice that connects us to our deep, rich internal currents.  As we release habituated holding patterns in the body and mind, energy flows more freely.

Beginning our practice with Yang can deepen our experience of Yin. Flowing Yang postures prepare the body, mind and spirit to dive below the surface of the external muscles and of the busy mind, into the more meditative aspects of Yoga. Much of a Yin practice is done close to the floor, staying in safe postures for extended periods of time. It has to do with creating stillness and relaxing the muscles. This allows us to work the deeper levels of the body, heart and mind; the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones; and energetic channels of the meridians. Within this balance of Yin and Yang, our systems are able to let go more fully. There would be no Yin without Yang, they complement each other. 



BioFunctional™ Basics I

This fun, creative, all-levels class covers the basics of functional movement. BioFunctional Basics AM focuses on building the glutes, leg, and core muscles to improve your balance and strength while energizing your body. You will learn how your body is designed to function so you can move free of pain. This class is perfect for anyone looking to build strength, gain mobility, and improve body mechanics. $20 per class.



BioFunctional™ Basics II

This invigorating class takes it up a notch. You will continue to build on the BioFunctional Basics of strengthening your glutes, legs, and core while playing with exercises that challenge your balance and coordination. BioFunctional Basics is perfect for anyone looking to tone and strengthen their body, while still improving body mechanics. $20 per class.



BioFunctional™ Stretch

A special dynamic stretch and movement class using balls and rollers that will:

  • Lengthen muscles
  • Create coordination
  • Release Facia
  • Balance movement across the body
  • Decrease pain

A great compliment to your yoga practice!

$20 per class.



Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Prenatal postpartum yoga classes offer a place of refuge where women learn to connect with their changing bodies, their babies, and each other. We create a support system with the common journey of motherhood. Prenatal postpartum yoga builds and facilitates a connection to the inner self.

Prenatal postpartum yoga uses postures, movement, breathing, and meditation to help ease pregnancy, delivery, and the effects of birth. This class aids in the recreation of strength, focus, flexibility and awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant and postpartum woman’s needs.



Chill-Lax Yoga & Yoga Nidra, All Levels

Busy mind? Busy Life? Slow down and go deep. First ½ of class consists of long holds and deep stretches. Second ½ of class is “yoga nidra” or yogic sleep. This is a guided meditation that deeply relaxes the body, breath and mind while leading the practitioner into an “in-between place” of waking and sleeping. It is here that one can truly de-stress, rejuvenate and access creative insight.



Low Back, Shoulders & Hips

This class will focus on opening and stabilizing the areas of the lower back, shoulders and hips through the use of traditional yoga postures and props. It will conclude with a restorative meditative session around the breath and body. All levels welcome.



Kundalini Gong Bliss

Kundalini Gong Bliss is a relaxing, uplifting yoga fusion sound healing class. This class is a beautiful blend of Kundalini, Hatha and Yin Yoga designed to tune up your body, elevate your spirit and relax your mind. Each class will end with a long savasana accompanied by live sound healing from the cosmic waves of the symphonic gong & crystal bowls. All levels are welcome!



Yoga Lab

In Yoga Lab we start with meditation and centering for 10 minutes before and after practice with the help of N.O.W. tone therapy. This is followed by a warmup flow with practice deepening variations on sun salutations for 20 minutes to prepare the body.

For the next 45 min we have even more fun! We will work on transitions and postures that don’t always get the time and attention they need in a standard flow class. Variations on props, self-adjustments, as well as partner assists are a steady part of this learning environment. This is a good time for questions, experimentation, group study and self-study, all with a highly experienced instructor to guide and facilitate the process. We then complete our exploration with a facilitated cooldown and savasana followed by 10 minutes of seated meditation.  


Mindful Flow

Mindful Flow is a slow and meditative class informed by the principles of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. It is designed to encourage students to practice slowing down, turning inward, and getting familiar with the sensations occurring in mind and body.


Emphasis is placed on cultivating presence and a mindset of non-judgment toward whatever shows up throughout ones practice. This supports a natural integration of mindfulness into life, on and off of the mat. A great class to take if you’re looking to use your time on the mat to more deeply connect with self and increase personal awareness. Friendly for all experience levels with modifications are provided for all body types and abilities.  


Mindful Flow Supportive Yoga for Military Spouses

This class is a unique blend of yoga and group support. It is offered to all Military spouses as a way to connect and with the intent to invite spouses to build support systems both within self and within Military communities. We will be using mindfulness and yoga to develop coping skills, resiliency, and healthy support systems. Our hope is that you utilize and share these skills to re-establish yourself in each new home and redevelop a support system anywhere you PCS.  


Hatha Slow Flow

Hatha Slow Flow brings together alignment and well thought out sequencing to help your body feel amazing. The alignment sections of class, with a creative use of props, provide foundational poses to help with form. Combined with breath and sequencing, you will explore how poses and patterns can build on each other to create a healthy, well balanced flow.  


Body Sculpting

This 1 hour class will combine a variety of strength and toning exercises. Using exercise tubes and bands, balls, foam rollers and sometimes small weights. The focus will blend cardiovascular movement, core strength, toning of muscles and fun. All to energizing music.  


Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is based on the discoveries of Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, from his 80 years of uninterrupted practice. In the Iyengar method, study is orderly and progressive. We start with the external, gross physical body and move towards the subtle, more inner layers of our being. Key characteristics of Iyengar Yoga are: Accessibility (regardless of age, flexibility, ability); Timing (longer holds of poses to penetrate each and every cell of the body); Sequencing (varies tremendously depending upon the goal of practice, season, time of day); Exquisite attention to detail; Alignment (alignment of muscles, bones and joints which creates safety and stability in practice); and focus on Svādhyāya (self-study). Iyengar Yoga is often referred to as “meditation in action” – where movements are infused with awareness and intelligence. Our entire being is focused and absorbed fully in those actions, so that no part of our embodiment is left neglected or undiscovered.


Buddha Baby

This all levels class is designed to welcome new moms back into their new bodies through an invigorating yet relaxing yoga practice. It is also a great way to engage baby in their developing bodies, including them in moving and stretching. It is an opportunity to join other moms in a practice designed to reintroduce the pelvic floor and core muscles, build back strength, and also take time out of our day to reconnect to our breath. No prior experience is necessary. Best for babies between 6 weeks to crawling. Please make sure your doctor has cleared you for exercise. We will try to get as much yoga in for moms at the beginning class and then wind down with stretching with our babies.

Babies are free to participate, sleep, eat, or cry as needed, this is a loving environment with Mom’s who understand that babies needs come first. Please bring a blanket for baby to lay on, stocked diaper bag, a yoga mat if you have one.